About Tristan McLaren:

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Born in 1978 in South Africa, Tristan took up photography in 1998 and completed a National Diploma in Photography at Pretoria Technikon (2000-2002), thereafter becoming a full-time photographer until early 2010.

From 2010 he shifted careers to sell industrial equipment and engineering products.

In 2016, he re-established himself as a photographer while maintaining his interests in the world of engineering.

Tristan's work has been featured in South Africa as well as internationally in publications, campaigns and media. As a specialist in Architectural Photography, he is a contributing photographer to VIEW Pictures, the UK based architectural photography collection.

He remains passionate about analogue photography using 35mm, medium and large format cameras, film, paper and traditional darkroom processes.

In 2022 Tristan and his family moved to the UK from South Africa.

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